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Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your patience if you are not a fan of full-page splash images with minimal info. The initial load might be a bit more than expected, as I am currently using Three.js to render the main background.

My personal site is a space where I explore and experiment with upcoming technologies and ideas - Ask me about some of the things I am working on! ...want to see the code this site was built with? Send me a message and I will share the repo with you.

Here is my html based resume and pdf based resume.

It was made using a JSON parser called JSON Resume, really cool concept

Here are links to things people like to see.


My current personal project I am working on is based around sports analytics.

It‘s a full stack Next.js site using MongoDB for, ask me more about it!

If you want to know more about me, you can read on or send me a message. I like to talk about all sorts of things.


RunAllRaces was a site built to solve a problem when the pandemic started. All racing events were cancelled, and I wanted to help race directors find a way to put on live, virtual, races. I built an entire platform with registration, payment processing, and live race results that were verified based on strava activities.

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