I think some of the most important traits are being a hard worker and lifelong learner and I embody both of those. You cannot always know everything, but you can learn anything you want.


Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node
  • MongoDB
  • Handlebars
  • React
  • NextJs
  • jQuery
  • Azure
  • ChartJS
  • Python
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • NestJS
  • Postgres
  • Blaze
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • GraphQL
  • Material UI (MUI)

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer
Resilience Lab (Contract)
Jan 2023 - Current

Build a new mental health website using NestJS, Next.js, and GraphQL

  • Document and establish code standards for use across entire development team.

  • Match designs to mockups from Figma to create pixel perfect responsive web layouts and components.

  • Create components for re-use across a monorepo, using TurboRepo.

  • Technologies used: React, Prisma, Typescript, Node, Next.JS, NestJS, Jest, Playwright

Senior Software Engineer
Nov 2021 - Jan 2023

Develop new tooling and features for AI/ML platform.

  • Create and maintain extensible components for re-use across organizations repositories.

  • Technologies used: React, Redux, Node, Javascript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, TDD, Python

  • Integrate modern code standards into legacy code bases to improve usability and stability.

  • Create microservices in Python and Node to handle needs of front end requests as well as cron jobs.

Lead Developer
Oct 2020 - Nov 2021

Create a containerized, scalable, full stack SaaS application using JavaScript with Next.js, React, Node, and MongoDB.

  • Using MongoDB for configuration documents, implemented multi tenancy with child/sub themes based on connecting and login domains.

  • Technologies used: React, Node, MongoDB, Next.js, Node, Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • Configure and setup CI/CD pipelines in Azure as well as maintaining docker builds and image repositories.

  • Lead recruitment for tech hires including screening, interviewing, and code test reviews.

Developer / Creator
Run All Races
May 2020 - June 2021

Built a race registration website to be able to track online/virtual races in real time with ease.

  • Created an MVP product that was fully functioning, secure, and scalable within 3 months

  • Technologies used: React, Node, MongoDB, Nginx, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • Using a small droplet (4vCPUS) was able to handle 1000 concurrent connections with minimal load on server

  • Used multiple cron jobs to optimize API calls for external resources and create live leader board updates without users needing to refresh

Web Developer
Super Breakers
Feb 2019 - Sept 2020

Created an internal suite of business analytic tools, integrating APIs, and building / maintaining a server. This was along with the daily work maintaining and improving the existing e-commerce website.

  • Reduced existing e-commerce website load time from 7 seconds to 3 by optimizing code and modernizing dev ops practices

  • Built and maintained server for hosting web applications and an API that I built to share data between platforms

  • Created a full stack web application (BI tool) to improve efficiency and processes for e-commerce

  • Used the latest stable versions of technologies such as React, MongoDB, Node for full stack internal business intelligence tool

  • Maintained and deployed all tech based assets in office and for remote workers

Web Developer
Signet Research
Nov 2016 - Feb 2019

Developed an advanced surveying web app, from the ground up, using MeteorJS. The surveying platform has features that compete with companies such as Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey.

  • Created an API that replicates the core web apps functionality

  • Used Mocha with Chai to write complete test coverage

  • Worked on several independent workers in Node to process and reduce load from core app to maintain optimal performance for intensive tasks

  • Designed and created the website to that is used to sell the platform to potential clients

  • Optimized MongoDB database schema and put in place advanced schema tools using simpl-schema

Web Developer and Creator
MMA Theory
May 2017 - Jan 2019

Created a website to analyze Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) results and draw statistic based conclusions.

  • Gathered a complete and accurate database of all recorded MMA fights to date

  • Created statistical models from concepts to display correlations between past events and upcoming events

  • Used ChartJS to display statistical information in an engaging way.

Web Developer
Obstacle Racing Media
May 2015 - Jul 2017

Within one year doubled the traffic in every metric and significantly increased performance in areas such as bounce rate, time on page, and returning visitors.

  • Reduced page load time from 7+ seconds to under 3 seconds

  • Conceived SEO standards and best practices for an open pool of contributors

  • Built a web store that worked with 20+ drop shippers and automated, no inventory, shirt printing

  • Created a customized calendar using JavaScript and PHP to display geo located results without user interaction

  • Designed all creative graphics in Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe InDesign for articles and promotional materials

Visual Content Manager
Spartan Race
Feb 2014 - Jan 2015

Managed and created digital assets across the brand.

  • Created a system to manage over 500k photos with metadata in a digital asset management platform

  • Designed images for promoting races, events, and products

  • Photographed products and events to provide promotional quality photos beyond standard event coverage images

Photographer and Editor
New York Stock Exchange
Jan 2010 - Jun 2014

Photographed all events and guests ranging from heads of state visiting the trading floor to global brand promotions for IPOs.

  • Provided photo coverage of the large events in entertainment and news, while being able to continually adapt to a variety of environments

  • Responsible for editing large quantities of images and inputting metadata for prominent live events

  • Maintained an active archive with metadata while handling client requests in a 24/7 news cycle

  • Worked directly with clients and other photographers to meet and exceed expectations


Ramapo College
2002 - 2006